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Quotes Gary was my 6th driving instructor, after 5 failed tests and thousands of pounds spent on lessons over 13 years (with some long gaps!). I passed my 1st test with him as my instructor after just a few lessons. Gary is a calm, patient, genuine, nice person. He was also clearly a very experienced and competent driving instructor. He helped me to build up my confidence with driving and feel more relaxed going into the test. He is good at balancing encouragement with constructive suggestions for improvement and giving information at a manageable rate rather than bombarding you with advice. He explains things in a straightforward manner. He was keen to get me to the test as quickly as possible and the full lessons were spent driving, rather than talking at length at the kerbside; this was a contrast with some previous, possibly less honest, instructors. His lessons were therefore very good value for money. I would recommend Gary to anyone and am so grateful to him for helping me pass my test Quotes
Thank you Gary!!!

Quotes I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Gary. His patience and good sense of humour fostered a great learning atmosphere, allowing me to improve my driving ability a lot quicker than expected. Gary?s encouragement got rid of my self-doubt, helping me to pass my practical driving test first time. I highly recommend Gary to anyone looking to start driving lessons. Quotes
Anna McIntosh

Quotes Gary is an extremely patient driving instructor who will teach you at a speed you are comfortable with. He is also extremely well mannered and very easy to get along with. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Quotes
Jack Dougall
Former Pupil

Quotes After putting off driving for a good few years, i was looking for an instructor who had the same outlook as me - to get me to pass. There was no pushing of unnecessary lessons, stalling of test dates, or wasting of time. I was constantly pushed and encouraged, so my confidence and driving ability grew and grew. I passed first time this morning! This wouldn't have been the case without Gary's patience and gid banter! Can't recommend him high enough, will miss my weekly lessons! Quotes
Kelly Settle
goodbye provisional, hello license!

Quotes Gary is a fantastic guy to take you through the perils of learning to drive. His calm temperament ensures you feel at ease behind the wheel and his easy going nature allows you to enjoy your lessons, not feeling as if learning is a chore. Gary will always provide positive criticisms in order to help you to be the best driver you can be. I would highly recommend Gary as a driving instructor, an all round great guy you are sure to become a first rate driver whilst enjoying yourself at the same time. Cheers Gaz! Quotes
Adam Atri
Former Pupil

Quotes Would highly recommend Gary as a driving instructor, his techniques and laid-back approach to driving make it easy to learn and pass! Very friendly, he is patient and doesn't shout at you if you get it wrong. He has a high rate of first-time passers, including myself :) Quotes
Katie Hendry
former pupil

Quotes Gary helped me pass first time with his calm and simple driving approach, alongside this he is easy to get on with and could put any put any pupil at ease from their first lesson! Driving is always fun with Gary and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great driving instructor. Thanks Gary! Quotes
Lisa Creevy

Quotes Gary was a really down to earth, calm and patient instructor! I had no self confidence in my driving ability whatsoever and with two previous instructors I never thought I'd pass. Gary pushed me to book my test and never lost faith despite my dodgy manoeuvre attempts and to my surprise I passed first time. Extremely grateful to Gary for helping me along the way with a calm and cool approach. Quotes
Hollie Hanlan
Ex Pupil

Quotes Gary was an extremely calm and patient instructor who, through this demeanour achieved the impossible in teaching me to not only drive, but feel confident doing so. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone and his pass plus programme is very enjoyable and should be considered also. Quotes
Iona Murphy
Former Pupil

Quotes Gary is an awesome instructor to say the least, through his calm and patient manner he successfully managed to teach me how to drive and against all odds I passed first time with only one minor! I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to learn as his teaching style is very enjoyable and his pass-plus programme is exciting and really helped me to feel more comfortable driving on my own and on more challenging terrains. I honestly cannot recommend Gary as an instructor enough, I am so glad I chose him as my instructor! Quotes
Iona Murphy
Former pupil
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