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Posted by Gary on February 13, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well firstly I just want to say a big thank you to whichever God you believe in for the weather this winter so far (and I know this is asking for trouble). So far only a handful of tests have been cancelled due to bad weather this winter and that makes my life easier .

So what have I been up to since the last post, well Christmas came and went all that preparation for just one day! I had a great time with my friends and family and also had a super, if a little drunken, time for the bells. Remember if you do drink make sure you leave the car at home and make sure you are not driving the next morning with alcohol still in your system. So a new year has begun and so far so good lots and lots of passes and some new learner drivers. So a BIG welcome to all of those who have just started on their journey to that elusive pink licence and a BIG welcome back to those of you who have decided to get back to learning to drive.

I would like to say welcome to Stephanie, Danielle, Caitlin, Richard, Will and Alistair who all started since the New Year and welcome back to Tracy, Nick and Adiola who have all come back after a little absence. I hope you all have fun, pass nice, quick and first time!

Talking of passing well done to all that have passed since the last post - Well done Harish it took a while but you got there in the end and I hope you will continue to drive safe. Well done Paul I was so pleased for you last week you did me and yourself proud. Well done Ashley, doing the test in your own car is a gamble but if you feel more comfortable in the car you practice in, it's a gamble worth doing and it paid off, good for you. Well done Jonathan I told you you were going to pass first time and if you had got your show me question right you would have had a clean sheet, no mean feat. Well done to Louis a first time pass to brag about to your sister. I hope you enjoyed the lessons as much as I did. Well done Dean you should have done this ages ago, when you first started. It was a pleasure to teach you and I hope this will make your life easier. And last but not least, well done to Alistair you put the work in and it paid off a well deserved first time pass I'm sure you will enjoy cruising about in the Picanto, have fun.

Well all that’s left to say is I hope 2012 will be a great year with lots of passes, so safe driving and take it easy out there.:D



Posted by Gary on November 30, 2011 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Hi and welcome to another Blog. I should start by saying I have finally changed my car and after much research and deliberation I have changed the Yaris to a VW Fox 1.2 Urban in red! All my current pupils have said that the new car is by far a better car and also seems easier to drive, the seating position has more flexibility and the side and back windows offer a more improved view. I would say that I was quite sad to say goodbye to my wee Toyota as she served me, and many a pupil, well over the years but it really was time to put her out to pasture. As for the Fox I didn’t think I would like him as much as I do and think he will enjoy the fun of being driven very badly by all who start in him.

Now on to congratulations- Firstly to Iain who passed in November I would say that it shows you that if you work hard and persevere you can do anything, so good luck with all you do in the future. Other passes since last post are: Fiona- It was a pleasure to teach you and I was so proud of your first time pass but just as well cos you’re Dad would never have forgiven me if you hadn’t. Grant- I didn’t spend much time with you because you didn’t need it but after trying so many times with other Instructors (who will remain nameless) it was great to see that I could help in some way. Joanne- It was great to see that look of total surprise when you passed first time but that’s what I said you where good enough to pass you just had to believe it too. And finally Marc another first time pass to be proud of in only 23 lessons but I must say all that extra practice your Dad gave you paid off. Make sure you thank him from me for not trying to teach you but helping you practice what I taught you.

A big well done to all who passed their Theory test since last post and to those of you who have still to book or sit your Theory test get your finger out, remember you can not sit your Practical Driving test until you pass your Theory test. I would like to say that there are currently about 5 of my pupils who should have sat their Theory by now but are dragging their feet. Already I have suspended their lessons until they sit it, so what are you waiting for get on with it!! If you haven’t sat it by next blog you will be named and shamed - You have been warned!

Now its winter I would like to say to you all to take it easy in the bad weather so far it’s been Fog and rain so please drive at the correct speed for the conditions on the road. Make sure you know where all your light switches are and that all your lights are working. Remember to check your tires for ware and that the pressure is correct. Make sure your fluids are at the correct levels and that you have plenty of screen wash.

Ok enough nagging I hope all who have passed have fun but drive safe and remember if you see me about, remember that my car has changed and give me a wave. To all my current pupils keep on working hard it’s worth all the work to get that little pink licence. :)





It's been a while!

Posted by Gary on August 29, 2011 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

So as you can see I am not a regular Blogger. “So what’s been going on since I last wrote my blog” I hear you say, well Summer came and went, I had a lovely holiday to Gran Canaria with my family and now it’s back to work. Welcome to all my new pupils, there are quite a few of you so I won’t Name you all. I hope you don’t take offence when I say I hope you all pass quickly and enjoy driving on your own.

A big well done to Ronnie, Carol and David who all passed in the last month, remember to give me a wave if you see me out and about. It was a pleasure to teach you and I am very proud to have helped you on your way to getting that illusive pink licence.

Two of my pupils have failed this month and I have to say that nerves played a huge part in both their tests. They both know exactly why they failed and I’m sure now they have had the test experience they will know what to expect next time and I have every confidence that you will pass next time. So good luck and remember to just keep concentrating on what you are doing not what you did, oh and keep breathing.


Speak to you all soon




Week 2

Posted by Gary on June 11, 2011 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (0)


Hello and thanks for reading this week’s blog.

That was a quick week with two practical tests and two passes so well done to Jordan and Andy. Both of who worked very hard and those passes where well deserved, I am very proud of both of you.

One of my pupils had a theory test this week and he also passed so a big well done to Ugo as I said its only easy if you know the answers so all that study paid dividends.

So it was a great week all in three pupils passing their relevant tests and a night out with my wife on Friday to see Captain Jack Sparrow do the usual Pirate nonsense in eye popping 3D. Finished off with a nice meal (low fat/carbs as I’m on another diet so I can pig out wile on holiday lol).

No tests this week so its all fun and no pressure for my pupils although I saw that some of my pupils were at Rockness this weekend so I’m sure there will be some interesting stories to come.

Have fun but drive safe and I’ll blog more next week until then you can catch up with me in the car or follow me on twitter or facebook,





Welcome to the first blog

Posted by Gary on June 6, 2011 at 12:12 PM


Well where to start? I guess I could start with the year so far so... A big well done to- Amara, Femi, Megan, Philo, Amran, Lynsey, Ian, Sam, James, Simon, Ashleigh, Fred, Tom, Neil, Adi, Paula, Gordon, Sharam, Ryan, Benji, Ryan and Kai who all passed so far this year. I'm very proud of you all and when I see you driving about I will make sure and wave, although it is so much easier to spot my car than any of yours.

Now that the exam period is finished I have seen my diary get busier and busier and this week I have had 5 new pupils so a big welcome to Fiona, Louis, Ugo, Chris and Lisa I hope you all have fun and enjoy your lessons. Also welcome back to Dylan who took time off for his exams.

Now we are all gearing up to our holidays and I am no exception (I am counting the days) So lets hope those of you who still have to sit your Theory test are using your time wisely and getting plenty of studying done.

I would really like to thank again all of my ex pupils who where so very kind to post such wonderful testimonials

So I hope you enjoyed my little Blog and stay tuned for the next extolment.